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BerNice reserves all rights with regard to all information offered on or via this website (including all texts, graphic material and logos). BerNice can be regarded as a Processor within the meaning of the Personal Data Protection Act, which means that the personal and/or organizational data entered by or on behalf of your organization are not or become the property of BerNice as a result of the entry on this internet site. Online communication BerNice does not accept any liability with regard to direct and/or indirect, immaterial or consequential damages in any way arising from, but not limited to (i) defects, viruses or other imperfections in equipment and other software in connection with access to or the use of this internet site, (ii) the information offered on or via this internet site, (iii) the interception, modification or improper use of information, (iv) the operation or unavailability of this internet site, ( v) misuse of this internet site, (vi) loss of data, (vii) downloading or using software made available through this internet site or (viii) claims of third parties in connection with use of this internet site. Applicable law Dutch law applies to this website and the Disclaimer. All disputes arising from or in connection with this Disclaimer will be submitted exclusively to the competent court in the Netherlands. Amendments BerNice reserves the right to change the information offered on or via this internet site, including the text of this Disclaimer, at any time without further notice.


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